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& You Won't Work A Day In Your Life

When I was fourteen years old, my mom would pick me up from Patchogue-Medford High School and drive me to East Setauket where her insurance agency was located.  I did all of the basics: file, make photocopies, print out labels and occasionally send a fax.  I was petrified of answering the phone.  When a client would call and all the lines were busy, I would just stare at the ringing phone until my mom skillfully juggled all three calls.

Over the years, I learned and learned and learned some more.  When I was nineteen years old, I enrolled into the Insurance Licensing Institute in hopes of getting my insurance license.  One year later, I earned my NYS P&C Insurance License and became a Licensed Insurance Broker.  

Fast forward over ten years later, I've settled into my career and have such a passion for insurance.  You could say I'm a bit of an insurance nerd!  I take pride in the honesty, loyalty and devotion I share with my clients in making sure they're properly covered and well educated in what exactly it is they are purchasing.  Oh and good news, I conquered my fear of answering the phones so when you call me, I promise to answer.  

We all know we NEED insurance but do we all know why we should WANT it?  Come join my world so I can teach you the ins & outs of being a policyholder while saving you money along the way!

------ Alycia S Bender, P&C Broker

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